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Obesity OSCE Examiner Checklist| Dr. Zelaikha Al-Wahedi

A sample OSCE examiner checklist for obesity counseling.  This checklist was developed by faculty members from the Family Medicine Residency Program, PHCC-HMC (Qatar), during the PGY(4)…

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Obesity Medicine Education Collaborative (OMEC) Obesity Competencies| Obesity Medicine Education Collaborative (OMEC)

The Obesity Medicine Education Collaborative (OMEC) has developed an instructional toolkit to help educators implement the obesity-focused competencies in a variety of educational environments. They…

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Resources for Improving Medical Nutrition Education and Training Curricula| American Heart Association

Real-world examples of efforts to improve undergraduate and graduate medical education in nutrition by integrating formal learning with practical, experiential, inquiry-driven, interprofessional, and population health…

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Medical Training to Achieve Competency in Lifestyle Counseling| Marie-France Hivert, Ross Arena, et al.

This scientific statement provides guidance in defining fundamentals in medical education and training needed for future physicians to be proficient in lifestyle medicine, focusing on…

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How to Incorporate Bariatric Training Into Fellowship Programs| Pichamol Jirapinyo, Christopher Thompson

This document provides proposed objectives, curriculum content, training models, available resources and assessment of competence for obesity medicine and endoscopy training within gastroenterology fellowship programs.…

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Health Professionals Obesity Prevention Education (HOPE) Curriculum| Jeannie Huang, MD, MPH; Laura Terrones, MPH

The HOPE Curriculum was a web-based, multidisciplinary curriculum that educated pediatric clinicians on health consequences of childhood obesity, screening techniques to identify those at risk,…

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Obesity Video Series: A Practical Look at Obesity, Diabetes, and Current Strategies| Dannemiller, Inc

Dannemiller’s Obesity Series includes a collection of variable-length videos and educational assessments focused on prevalent issues in obesity management. Educators can look to modules for…

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Obesity Learning Center| Haymarket Medical Education

myCME’s Obesity Learning Center includes a collection of variable-length educational activities and supplemental resources that educators can assign to students or look to for inspiration…

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Talking with Patients about Weight Management| Western Region Public Health Training Center (WRPHTC)

A podcast of simulated clinic encounters dealing with motivational interviewing and weight management in different social contexts.  Topics covered include: … how to ask about a patient’s…

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KNIGHTS Student-Run Free Clinic| University of Central Florida

This student-run free clinic is an extracurricular program designed to help medical students learn to assess, treat and counsel on lifestyle changes for patients with…

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Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane University (GCCM)| Tulane University / GCCM

Through innovative nutrition curriculum and hands-on training in the culinary arts, GCCM seeks to better prepare future physicians to serve and heal patients and communities. ***Winner…

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Healthy Homes, Healthy Futures: An Obesity-Centered Home Visitation Curriculum for Pediatric Residents| Kofi D. Essel, MD, MPH

This curriculum can be used with any resident in any year of training to help teach about the multifactorial causes of obesity as well as…

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